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2015-03-31 15:19:15 (UTC)

Spring cleaning...

I felt nasty after taking my husband to tour the house that is for
sale next door. He was thinking of buying it. LOL NOT ANYMORE..

It was disgusting. The carpet had to be 35 yrs old. They had
animals inside there house that scratched the varnish off the
cabinet doors and other molding around doors. Although, I liked
the open layout, it was priced way too high to need the updates
it would have to have before anyone would want to move into it.

We walked away disappointed....

and today...I was disappointed again when someone posted
Van Halen video on facebook. Lord have mercy...they have
David Lee Roth lead singing with them again. He ruined them
in the 80's with his stupid performance comparable to a
circus act. And today, he simply can not sing well enough
to bring back that Van Halen flair that we all miss.

Sad to watch.

Today I am cleaning up I wait for the HUD to be emailed
to me to review. The closing is tomorrow...
and I can not wait to have this one over with...

but sounds like I will be showing the folks from PA
houses again later in the week....

hope they finally start liking something well enough
to present an offer.....I feel like a tour guide with
them so far, and lets face it, tour guides do not get

Still have that damn exercise bike in my car too. That
thing needs to come out and I am still waiting for the
go ahead to drop it off at her house. I will never
do this again.