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2015-03-30 17:42:01 (UTC)

Dipshits on a Monday....

I am reminded very often why I would never work for a large
real estate chain. They are too big to do their jobs, so they
have to have a "team" to take over at some point.

So, at some point I may be introduced to a new player and asked
to contact them during the next step in the transaction, but
copy in the original person and of course anyone else that they
may add.

This is not an hard thing to do. We write the offer, when it is
accepted, we coordinate the closing; our duty will depend on whom
we are representing, the buyer or the seller.

In this transaction, once the OTP is accepted, I decided after
speaking to the attorneys office, that we should have that closing
a day early since Good Friday is a holiday and I wanted to be
sure that it was recorded so my client could get the keys before
Easter weekend. Everyone was okay with this.

And yes, there is a form to have all parties signed when we change
things on the original contract. I know that. But, in this case,
my buyer does not live in this state. That form could be signed
at closing. Yes, I realize that there is electronic signatures
that can be used. In this case, that is what the sellers used
although their agents office was just right up the road. I am
okay with agents using that form of signature if they all trust
that process.

But my client did not want to use the electronic signature to sign
it, we had signed everything with a pen and I faxed it or emailed
the signed document back.

But if my client is not here to sign it and does not plan on
coming back here until closing day, there is no big deal. That
form can be signed before the closing on that day, or even
at closing. I have some papers he needs to sign. I can wait
on it.

So, she started sending me emails with this addendum that needs
to be signed. I responded with it can be signed at closing.
So, today I get a call from my buyer who is telling me that the
listing agent is sending him documents to sign. WHat? No damn
one should be sending my client documents to sign but me. I should
have at least been copied in. But I was not. He said they sent
it on Friday...and then again this morning. HOLY SHIT!

I told him to ignore it and that I would take care of it.
I sent the lawyer an email letting him know that I had been
receiving request to present a signed addendum because of
the closing date change, and that my client is unable to
sign them until closing. We do not feel comfortable using
the electronic signature.

That should be the end of it.....

She was copied into all that...and she responded to the
lawyer...."Aren't we supposed to have the addendum signed
before closing"?

the lawyer responded that the addendum does not even need to
be signed. It is not required in this incidence. Which
I had though all along.

I mean after all, we put a closing date on the OTP always. But
when we are scheduling that closing, it is not always possible
to have it on that exact day. We have to work with the attorneys
offices schedule. That addendum is for situations where someone
is going to change the closing a week or so ahead or after the

We had to go through all that...for nothing.

One, the other agent should NEVER send my client a document
to be signed and returned to them. That should never happen.
I have to review documents before my clients sign them, and
I send them.

You do not ask someone elses client to use an electronic
signature program either. That is just wrong. noon, I had it straight, and he has his home insurance,
I have it all set to close on time....hopefully with no poor
stupid shit.

I guess those people on the team need to feel they are
earning that money they may make on my transaction.

I do not have to share my money with no one. I work with my
client side by side all the way to the closing table....
and I have went farther than that. I have arranged for
movers to help them move in.....I have drove my own truck
to take them straw and mulch....we have actually made
arrangements to have sprinkler systems repaired for the
other side....but only when we all discussed it and agreed
it was ok to do.

We do not need a team of people to do our jobs. My boss
and work with each other, not for each other. Our clients
spend so much time with us, we are on their Christmas card
list....we are who they call when they have a question.
They remember us for all that we do for them. They trust

When someone works with one of those silly teams, they do
not remember names nor do they ever call them to help them

I hate stupid shit......

Thank God it is over...and my client and I will walk in
there together...and the sellers will walk in with that