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2015-03-29 00:16:27 (UTC)

The wheelchair project

I got some very good news today from my BFF. She said her dad does
have a electric of the good ones. It only needs
a battery. I told her I would get a battery if that is all it
needed. They know where we can get a battery...and she is going to
check it out on Easter Sunday....maybe take the battery out to see
if we can take it to get another one. She is going to check to see
if it folds up and if it will fit in back of my car.

He said I could have it. She said if he gets to the point where he
needs one, he will get a new one. This one belonged to his
wife when she was alive...and he said her insurance paid for it.

Since it did not cost him anything...and right now, it is in
the he feels it would be a favor to get it out of there.

Things working out.

I will not say anything to my sister until I know for sure it
works. Then, I will call her son to meet me to pick it up...
and he can take it too her.

She is going to flip out if this works