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2015-03-28 04:46:40 (UTC)

Neil Young and me....

When I started my young life in the early 70's graduating from
high school and decided against college instead, I choose to keep
my job and wait a while....just long enough to mess up and get
married after breaking up with my hs sweetheart; looking back,
I just done it to show him that he messed up. The marriage to
the hippy guy only lasted 5 weeks. I left him in a hurry. Too
much of the drug world for me. I was not doing drugs. But I was
around it. I was not eating right either. When I finally went back
home, I only weighed 80 pounds. So, I lost 25 pounds just from
the stress of it all.

But thinking back, I learned more in those two months that I could
have in any college class at the time. I still did not know what
my passion was. I remember thinking about real estate then, but
thinking I was not smart enough to talk to people about such
important subject matters. My self esteem was very low. Probably
looked better than many girls my age then, but I did not know it.
I seemed to be a magnet for people....and made some friends during
those days of my life that have stayed in my life.

Some friends are like a fine wine.....gets better over time.

After I met my daughters dad and became pregnant, I picked up
a guitar and became very familiar with Neil Young and Cat Stevens..
at the time, they were very popular as acoustic artist song writers.
I bought every album that either of them put out. I tried hard
to learn their songs and in time began writing my own. Neil's songs
had meaning back then. OHIO was a ballet for us. I cried when I heard it and when I sang it. Hard to believe it was about real life things
happening in our lives. It was horrible. But real. Those four kids
that were gun down by our own government were about the same age
as me.

They had decided on college and it got them killed. Nixon was
a horrible man.

And this was happening during a time of Walter Cronkite. He reported the news as it happened, not written to only share what they want us to know like today.

something to think about......just saying

Anyway....those were the years we learn more about drugs. Mostly scared me to see people on them. I did not want to be around it much, but it was hard to avoid.

That song Needle and the Damage Done....was a song
about our times back then. Crazy. I saw a lot of people throw
their lives away in the 70's. It seemed the world was falling apart
and many of us lost hope.

I had a child, time to be freaked out. I had to work
and pay the bills, put food on the table. But I loved coming
home to my music.

I love Neil Young. We shared many parallel journeys. His songs
were about our time and have become somewhat of a way to share
our history. You sure won't read about the truth in history books
these days. Seems like a lot of events and truths get lost in the process of printing a new edition.

You have to listen to the music.
The music does not lie.

I think that part of writing my songs is one of the reasons
I am shy to play them to just anyone or a group of people...
especially those who know me....I am afraid they will see
right through me.....jump right into the thoughts that run
through my head.....sometimes it is about the truth...or
love or is mostly about love.

But hate and pain is usually caused because of love, so it all
comes under the same emotion we all share at one time or another.
The music don't lie.

Words written all over your face....with traces
of the tears and evidence of the years gone by....and the pain,
the happiness, the sex, the passion; it is all in there....

the ache from missing someone, the sad emptiness inside...
how it makes your heart beat different sometimes...

sometimes you hear between the lines, in the beat, the tone,
the bass, it is in there waiting to be discovered.

Neil Young makes growing old wonderful.......

a journey........

his, mine, ours, yours, all of us....

Catch his special called Neil Young Journeys VH1 Classic

Turn it up!