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2015-03-28 04:41:46 (UTC)

Take a day to do something good for the world

Tomorrow i'm going to go to the Disaster relief Training.
Its from 8am to 2pm... So a Long day for me.
Specially since we have to leave here at 7:30 to make it to the training on time...
So that means getting up before 7 to get ready...uhhh so not a saturday thing no matter how old you are lol.
But its a good thing and i wan't to be able to help people and do good in the world.
i feel like its something i should do.
Its an early morning sure, its a long day definately, but hey whats the point in being blessed if you can't/won't give back some of that blessing to others.

also get to meet my biological sisters for the first time tomorrow night... oi! nervous but excited...kinda glad the trainings tomorrow i'll have something else to focas on than the antisipation of that meeting.

God...Bless tomorrow and just let your will be done with it.
please let it go well.

wish me luck dear reader and i hope your day tomorrow goes well too.