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2015-03-26 21:49:13 (UTC)

Do not let it pass you by....

Been checking my calendar. Had to cancel the check up appointment as one of my closings should be taking place that day. Did not reschedule yet, but have it to do.

Right now, I want to schedule some update classes which are required to do each year. I hate them. I do not feel comfortable in a space with so many people in them at once. Then like that is not bad enough, sometimes you may be asked to stand up and speak...or introduce yourself depending on the class and instructor. I have panic attacks at the thought of it.

I need to get it done though. I will wait till the closings is over and I do not have anything on my calendar pending. I will be free for a while hopefully. I will then schedule that 4 hour update class and get it over with. I can then do some online electives which I have already began checking out. I have one picked out. Want to wait on that until the other is completed. I can not get out of the update class. It is in person.

Second....update class
third....schedule some electives

If I like the electives online version, I can go ahead and schedule another one and have my 4 hrs for that out of the way for next year.

My friend decided not to see the condos...which is fine. I think she needs more time to do an inspection and an appraisal on her she knows more about how her decision will be going...she may not be able to buy her dads house if the appraisal is up. I am sure I can not buy it....we can not afford it at the moment.

But I do want to get in the neighbors house. I talked to that listing
agent today and he should have the correct key in the lockbox soon. So, I can see what it has to offer and try to find someone it might fit well with.

I think the old man is going to go buy another lawn mower. He claims he can not get the old one to work right. Wanted me to call the guy who we have called in the passed...the one who always charges us over 700 bucks. I reminded him of that and how much we have spent on it...and it being so old, it may be time to just get a new one. So, he is going to get a new one.

They finally published my old friends obituary today. It was so sad to see her sweet face. All of us are in shock still. Then another friend cancelled a showing with me cause her aunt died. Sad again.

Must be a time for some loss. We are at that age were one of us drops dead pretty often. Life is real. It is really happening...

do not let it pass you by when you are able to live it.