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2015-03-25 14:43:48 (UTC)

Wednesday update

A lot has changed since my last post. My friend has decided that
she wants to find a place to buy quickly, she wants to put her dads
house on the market after all. So, I got on that and we are looking
at some condos tomorrow when she gets off work.

Then, I started thinking about that house. Damn. I know I am going
to have to walk through like I did Sunday looking at the damn nice moldings, doors, the ceiling even rocks it for me. I started talking about it to him. I told him we could make this happen if we thought it through.

Do some updates here to make this place shine.
New siding, windows, flooring, get that pool running and do some
new landscaping. Lets just see how much we can get. We are doing
the updates anyway....

then, we added all that up to also include updated countertop in kitchen and new appliances. Shit, once we do all that, there is still no
way we could sell it and get enough to just pay cash. And we are uncertain if we would even have cash left to add to what we get.

It an't gonna happen. Shit...

whatever....we still got this place and we both have are wants to make it better. So, once we get going here, I think I will be more happy.
After seeing what is available....everything includes neighbors up your ass. Here, I do not have to be concerned with them. Hell, for all I know they all think we are crazy...which is fine with me. I do not care....all I know is I feel safe here. My neighbors stay out of my business, but they know I am here, and I know they are there. If something goes wrong in this neighborhood, we are all out there looking for a lost kid, if someone needs help...they got it if they want it.

It is what it is and we plan on making it better....
I am sure with no doubt that my neighbors will be very happy
to see something being improved here. We went to being ok years
ago to being the worse looking house/yard on this block.
God how I wish HGTV would just roll up...and run me off for
a bring me back to an amazing place....a girl can
dream...and don't laugh at me, you have wished it too. Be

We met at the Y last night. The parking lot was full and it was after 7:00. I had hoped to have the place to ourselves. Had a major panic attack thinking of having to interact with all those people...almost turned around and left, but I saw her car and she was already standing outside of it at the trunk. I spotted a parking spot near by where someone was leaving. I was driving his truck cause my car is in the shop. I will tell about that later....

anyway..I put my purse in her trunk...and we walked inside....
the place where the treadmills and cycles was packed. But we could tell that some of these people were leaving. We walked downstairs to the room the guy showed us that had nothing in it but the cycles.
It was empty. In my mind I am thinking with all the people inside this building, parking lot full, there is not one person in this huge
ass room with all these cycles....two walls of mirrors..we stood around looking at how high or low the seats were from the floor...most were high...too high for either of us. The seats were narrow. I pointed that out right away...but we managed to find two side by side that we could crawl upon and started cycling...we talked some and before you know it we had been doing it long enough to feel tired. It was easier getting off the damn thing than crawling back on it. Not sure what in the hell we are doing...but I do not think these are the cycles that we two old gals should be on. So, we walked through the locker room, I wanted to see if the pool was crowded this time of night. It was not. But there were two lifeguards, probably high schoolers giving us the low down on when the best time is to come to the pool area if we want less people there...walked back through the ladies locker room and did notice that both the sauna and steam room were packed....and some of these ladies had kids with them. Hmmmmm? Not exactly what I was hoping for....

so, we decided best time to do that is during the day when these people are in school or at work. Plus, you have to wear a swimsuit or a towel.
Hmmmmmmm? Not sure if either of us are ready for that either....

we decided that cycling on whatever that was for 20 minutes was enough for this now, the crowd has thinned out and we are thinking we should start going around 8:00 if we go at night.....sounds like a plan. We did manage to do a few laps around the parking lot before calling it a night.....

He took my car to be serviced yesterday. I was hoping they could tell us if it is falling apart cause it jerks a little up front. I figured something needed to be replaced or tightened up. As it turns out, they know what it is and say they can fix it. So, I may not get it back
until later today or tomorrow. Gonna cost 700 bucks or so.
Was not my decision to do that...but I am hoping on driving to the
beach a lot this summer to get away from this renovation process...

so.....getting it fixed might make that a safer and smoother trip or two...or how many times it happens.

Man, I hope she did not hurt herself trying to climb on that ridiculous bike last night. My husband told me that it sounds like those were for speed bikers to train. That explains those silly narrow seats. My butt is sore from that.

The people he works for called him today. Hee hee This means he will be going to work in two weeks. I can not wait to have the house back to myself for part of the day. I am been wanting to get my sweet guitar out of the case....and let her know I have not forgot. I miss it.