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2015-03-22 15:08:14 (UTC)


I have been preparing my information for the showings today.
I have another cash buyer. What the hell. I told my husband
yesterday that I am going to make too much money this year...
he told me not to worry about it. So, I am not going too.

Another 10k in the next few weeks added to what I have already
made this year takes me way over the limit and the year is
not half over.

I want to take some time off and help my buddy who will probably
be having back surgery in a couple months if not sooner. She
has no one she trust to be with her 24 hours a day. We are
like sisters. Family. I want her to be better. This is most
likely going to have to be the summer that it happens.

Then, she has a lot of life decisions to make depending on how
she recovers. She may have to retire early. She may have to
get another job if she is able. The one she has now is way
too stressful. Corporate America sucks. I am thankful not
to be in that mess. I would have killed somebody.

This year is kind of working out just like it needs too be.
Although I have made too much, I have had some unexpected
expenses. Tax deductions will help me at the end of the
year. And I need to listen to him and not worry about making
too much money.

Helping my other buddy sell her house and find another one is
going to be a fun adventure. I wish she wanted to live in my
area, I could show her the house next door. I told my sister
friend last night about it...and almost thought I heard an
interest. I would like her to move there too.

But none of that will happen. Who would move into the boonies
alone into a doublewide on a lot too big to take care of?
NO ONE! Not sure why I am here either.

Talked to my BBF again last night about investing in a condo
to rent out located in Myrtle Beach. She has a friend that has
been doing that...and he is receiving 1000 bucks a month in winter
months and 4000 a month in peak season months. And that money
pays the property manager company who handles everything....
it pays for itself in no time...the profit keeps coming in
and then he buys another one adding to his cash flow.

I am very interested in doing the time I get
to the age where I do not want to work....I could do this...
and buy a condo to live in year round at Oak Island and have
my investment property in Myrtle Beach....

Makes sense to me. She is interested too.

Life is good.

Today I am in no pain.

Good hair day.

Showing property....then off to the YMCA
to meet my BBF. Hope she shows.....