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2015-03-22 00:44:08 (UTC)

Busy Springtime..

Oh dear lord. My ears are bleeding. I do not like hearing all about everyone in your universe. Two hours and counting.....

came here to escape.

My husband and I rode to the fish camp on our way home from our
trip to Ingles. My husband has resorted to growing his beard out
to cover his Rhodesia. He was pushing the grocery cart as he
always does. The music was off the hook they were spewing out
for us to hear. My husband practically broke out in a break
dance move while dancing down the isle. I guess I know now
what the big deal is about the long grocery shopping trips. He
must spend some time signing autographs before heading home.
I teased him a bit. It was a good time.

The fishing camp was almost empty. But it was packed before we
left. It was so good too. Had not been there in a while.
But riding as a passenger in his truck rather than the driver
was a rough ride today. He ever pot hole to be had.

But we had a good time....

I am showing property tomorrow. I must get off here...

and hopefully the mutter while end soon.......