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2015-03-19 17:12:46 (UTC)

Good grief people in business today

I had scheduled a showing for my out of town buyers on Tuesday, but
decided to cancel after revealing to them that part of that property
would require flood insurance. I notified our showing service of
this cancellation. While talking to them, they had already sent
me a note that the sellers were requesting a later time for the
original showing. I started receiving the notifications for this
request while speaking to the representative. I was under the
impression that the appointment was cancelled before hanging up.

Later in the day, I start receiving text, emails asking for feedback
for that showing. I ignored them. Since that day, I have received
notifications constantly it has seemed.

Today, I get a personal email from the listing agent for that
same property thanking me for showing the property and asking how
we liked it and what can she do to help us present an offer?

One, I am not a used car salesmen. I am dealing with people who
are planning on making what in most cases is the largest investment
they will make in their lifetime. I do not have time to deal
with stupid shit along the way. I expect when I am paying for a
service such as the god damn showing service, that they could
at least stop the annoying bullshit. I do not need a text,
an email and a phone call. All I need is one email request.
Not three or four until I feel like I am forced to go ahead
and provide feedback to get you off my back. I will send
feedback when I god damn want too.

I usually send a personal email to the listing agent to avoid
your stupid shit. Then, I am showered with request....
and in this case they could not even actually cancel it
and stop the silly shit...they did not even let the
other agent know it was cancelled.

All that is wrong. All of it. Not a very good system.

I hate it

Then, on my closing. I still had not received a date and
time for it. So today I called them asking. They did not
even know it was a cash only deal. I had to tell them.
They did not know the date for closing which is on the
contract. I finally got it scheduled for the day before
the date on the contract. Now, all of us have to
amend the contract and initial the change. What another
bunch of bullshit. That contract should read for the
date of closing to be

somewhere near the date of FILL IN THE BLANK

Most closings are not scheduled on the same damn date.
We have to work with the closing attorney and sometimes
we close early....sometimes we close the day after
that date. Why have to go through a bunch of bullshit
when it is a done deal. We are just setting up a day
in the future to sign the documents.

I hate stupid shit big time.

Good Grief

Some of these people are playing dress up. At least that is
the way I see it.