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2015-03-18 21:26:55 (UTC)

Everything is going haywire....

Last night went haywire around here. When I called the tech
from Canon to help get my wireless connected to my desktop in
here, by that I mean the new desktop that I barely used. He
logged onto my network remotely. You know, one of those deals...

Anyway he was looking for my IP Address and told me that I had
several IP Addresses showing up. Some of them were for other
devices here at the house which did not concern me. After all,
I have four computers, a notepad and a wireless printer.
Everything is wireless now, we can not get away from it. He

became concerned when pointing out that yes, the addresses were
showing up for those devices, but I had several foreign addresses
showing up. He instructed me to allow him or he could connect me
to a tech who could take care of it for 199 bucks per computer or

Yes, you read it right. And no, I did not do it. He even come
up with an additional charge for something else that was close
to the first number. Rounding it off, about 400 bucks per
computer...just to get rid of it and remove uncompromised.

I freaked out totally.

We managed to get my printer working....

I hung up, cut off my wireless router for our internet, took
the batteries out of all laptops and unplugged the desktops...

I was freaking I was dealing with my muscles
tightening up from my jerking around my damn back...when
trying to get my car ready to load that bike for my BBF.

I took a flexril yesterday...and slept late this
takes me at least 24 hours to get over taking one of those things.

So today I called a computer tech company to call me back so
I can schedule one of them to come out here and check things out.

I ended up having to turn on my laptop and checked to be sure
my firewall was on. He had also told me that my firewall was
cut off......after talking to the tech, sounds like the
MF was just trying to scam me. But just to be on the safe
side, I do intend to have someone come out to check things

We had planned to go to the YMCA today. I was going to
get ready this afternoon and meet her there on her way
home from work. But as I suspected, she cancelled. Said
she was hurting so much she did not even go to work today.
I hated to hear that but was relieved that I did not have
to go to the YMCA today. My back is still hurting too.
But I did not tell her that. She would feel bad if she
knew that I hurt my back again loading that bike in my
car. Hell, I was not loading it, just getting my
car ready for it too be loaded.

This growing old crap sucks out loud. Putting in the
new contacts today, I had to be in front of a mirror
a lot. It is clear that my age is showing. My face
needs some damn work. I hope I can make enough or
save enough to get one of those image lifts. But,
what about the rest of my face? My eye lids, the
top of my mouth in between the lips and nose? Looks
like shit. Hell, it has got so bad that make up does
not even help much. Matter a fact, I think makeup
just draws more attention to it. I am fucked.

I mean really.

I am.

Only pushing 63. Until recently I looked closer to most
of my friends if not younger than them. My BBF turns
60 this year...and my other friends are in the 55-57

I do not look younger than any of them anymore...

aging fast......

too fast

I guess it would be wrong to hold a facelift fundraiser?