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2015-03-17 21:28:59 (UTC)

Ride to nowhere

I decided to take a ride today....stopped in first at consignment
shop that I frequent. Sitting right in front was this fairly new
exercise cycle. It had a great seat on it...and worked great. I
do not have anywhere to put it. But my friend, the BFF who just
joined the YMCA with me had been wanting one. She has a screened
in porch that it would fit on and the darn thing was only 10 bucks!

So, I took a photo of it and text her letting her know about it...
telling her if she wanted it I would get it.

Then I took off....down hwy 16 toward the lake hoping to find a
pier to sit on during this lovely day. It was in the 80s already.

I rode forever on this road that seemed to go nowhere with a
whole bunch of others going no where also....

Finally found some civilization near a place that I had never heard
of...but later I saw a Staples and an UTRA. I needed to check out
Staples to see if I could locate another printer fax. Went in and
saw one that looked like it would work. So, I got it. Kinda big,
so the young man put it in my car. I went into Utra and found
my Bare Minerals quickly finding myself back on the road shortly

Thing is....I did not go out the parking lot same way I come in
and ended up on another long road that seemed to on and on...

I did not have my GPS with I figured what the hell.
I will just enjoy the ride till I come to a place I recognize.

After driving all the way around Lake Norman I was on my
way home....when I finally got the text from the BFF saying
she would not mind having that exercise bike. At this location
I only had about 20 minutes to make it to that store before
they closed. And I had no way of knowing if it would still
be there or if it would even fit in my car.

I made it with time to spare. The man there managed to make
it fit, so I headed home.

However, another well learned lesson today.....

when I was opening the doors to my car to let the back
seats down, I was in a hurry and jerking around...I knew
right away that I pulled a muscle or something
in my damn back.

So as soon as I got home and came in to get comfortable...
I turned on the heating pad.....

once again.....

here I sit....heating up my body with a heating pad
hoping it is soon enough to avoid a long injury.


Trying to be good to people....and forgetting about myself.