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2015-03-17 12:15:01 (UTC)

Leaking pipes

My last post here was all about yesterday with the BFF. But I
did not mention what happened when I returned home.

I walked in the house and noticed a large package leaning
against my dining table. I asked what is that? I knew I
had not ordered anything recently. So, he mentioned something
about a leak in the laundry room. The large package was our
old Christmas Tree which had been in the closet in our
laundry room. He said he went into the bathroom and heard
water running. So, in his investigation, he found a that our
hot water heater was leaking water, as he put it water was
spraying straight up in the air. He went outside to cut
off the water at our well and then called our plumber.

By the time I returned home it was repaired. But he still had
things laying here and there from that closet. He is going to
put that box on the road with our trash. He said most of the
things in that closet was old and he was going to take some
to the donate box. The floor was clean at least...and I
was delighted this problem was solved and he was cleaning
out a closet.

Could this be the start to my laundry room being painted too?
Could I have a new washer and dryer in my future? You never
know, but he does seems warmed up to the idea of spring cleaning
and getting some things done.

I was afraid of running out of money. But after figure it
all out and factoring in my next closing which is with in
two weeks and another upcoming deposit....I am ok. It will
take a while for me to feel confident finanacially, but
he reminded me last night that I can transfer money into
my account from our joint if I needed too, since I
did deposit money in there myself. He has to keep reminding
me that we are ok in that area and I can slow down anytime...


After this year, we will be saving more than spending since
he has paid our debit offs and we are now mostly saving and
that is because of both of us, our planning, our teamwork
and our sticking to a plan, a budget and years of very
hard work. So, to those of you who are
can work out in time. Do not give up.

I am now helping the BFF plan out some things for her
future, and this summer is the beginning of a big change
in her life. She too is finding herself n a place where
she can begin to stop worrying about money and her job.
She can travel more and after talking to her yesterday,
her future is very bright and she is fine.

She will be getting her passport this year so we can
start planning trips to the Islands this winter or
next year. It is time to start exploring this world...
and we intend to do that.

She is awesome.

No more leaking pipes here.....and we are keeping our
water in tack....our future is bright......

We got this!