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2015-03-17 01:25:01 (UTC)

What a day!

I picked up my buddy at the KIA place. She was unsure how long it
would take, so we were off for an early lunch. We then went
to Best Buy to look at computers. She wanted to see if they
had one like my desktop since she is going to be getting one soon.

We rode to Target, which I have not been inside since they built
a new one. I was not impressed with Target. Not sure what the
fuss is all about. She got a call from Kia while we were in
there telling her it would be around 6:30 before her brakes
were repaired.

We thought about going to a movie....but then decided instead
to ride to the YMCA in the town we live in to check it out.
Got a tour of the whole place and a deal for both of us
to join for 6 months. She got a deal by joining the same time
I did...and because of my age....I got a real good deal. Paid
for it all at the same time so we do not have to be concerned
about them drafting money out of our accounts.

ANOTHER TAX DEDUCTION for both of us since both of our
doctors told us to start exercising. She had also been told
to use a cycle and was planning on buying one for her house.
She paid for the membership with that money and now
we can go to the YMCA to do that...join a excersize class...
and do water aerobics....there is a STEAM ROOM TOO...just
what we need for our old aging skin...we are both excited
about this. She wants to go Wednesday....

I may go tomorrow.

We left there and rode back toward the Kia place with an
hour to spare. I rode to the Verizon place, because she
had mentioned several times she needed to go in there
and get her bill fixed. She and I got our phones same
day...I pay a whole lot less than her. We got that
straight for her now and she will be saving money....on
that bill. She was happy to get that out of the way.

We are going down to the beach the weekend of the 10th in
April and while there we will be booking a place for a
week for the last week in July. Her cousin also
has asked us to come down with her in
this will be a BEACH SUMMER for both of us.
I am also going with my husband when his assignment


I am so happy today....

she is too......BFF day for sure....

Gonna be the best summer I have had in a while....