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2015-03-16 16:05:12 (UTC)

Monday corrections...

In doing some research on some property I am listing n the near
future, I came across several mistakes on the information sheet
that we get to research. The city tax location was wrong
which is a very big deal, and the number of bedrooms the home
has and the tax value. Holy shit. I had to call the county
and city tax office to verify the corrections, then I had
to call MLS to let them know of the errors.

Now, some realtors may just trust that information sheet and use
it when listing a property. In doing so, they would be setting
themselves up for a violation of misrepresenting information.
I always double check. I take the time to be right.

Dodged a bullet. And glad that I do not stay so busy that I
would over look these things, nor do I rely on an assistant who
would most likely use the information sheet for her information too.

Having worked for the post office, I am aware that just because
the mailing address may say, BELMONT, NC does not mean that the
property is located in that tax district. It only means that
the Belmont Post Office delivers the mail to that property.

I guess that was Gods way of preparing me for this career I
wanted so bad. A little hands on hard work and education
never hurts, huh?

So, this morning, my phone has been ringing non stop.

I hate it when someones parent passes away and the siblings
are left to fight and tear one another apart about the
will or the house, the money, the stuff. When one of those
kids devotes there life into taking care of that parent...
making decisions for that parent being the power of attorney
and the the executor at the request of that parent, then
it should be a slam dunk. Not true in the case of my dear
friend who is dealing with a bunch of money hungry, bitter
ass holes who did absolutely nothing for their dad while
he was here...left it all up to her.

So, when he left her a bit more in his will; they want to
give her a ration of hell about it. She is calling me
all the time asking what to say, what to do....

and when one of the siblings who lives 3000 miles away
asked for her to mail her a key to the house that my
friend lives in alone....why would she need a key?
When she comes into visit, the key is left for her
at the house to get in...or she is picked up at airport
and gets a key then. No reason to change that now...

I told her not to send the key. I have to keep reminding
her that she is in charge, not to let them push her around.

She wants to buy the sister out, so she can keep the house.
But the sister wants to sell it and split the money instead
thinking she would come out better. Not the case after
paying taxes on sale, commissions, etc...she will end
up with less that what was offered. Just being an
ass hole.

It is things like this that tear families apart causing
years of being apart and angry with one another.

It is really stupid. And it is times like this when the
wolves show their true colors......

I am wore out from hearing about it...
just want her to be safe....
and I am sure her sweet father would have wanted.