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2015-03-15 15:19:29 (UTC)

Saturdays Sunshine...update on all

I rode to the Cabarrus in the rain off and on. Not hard rain, just
steady. By the time I got to my location, the sun was peeking
through the clouds as to invite everyone to come outside.

My clients were on time and we started our tour of several homes...
it went well, but no decision was made. I will be very happy to
get these folks satisfied, but today I did not mind the tours
and the drive or the company. Things went well.

I came home to a warm happy house. He was going to cook steaks
last night and I had a few letters to prepare. So, I got my
stuff done and rode to the post office then to the grocery store.

I did not really need anything, but hey, I was having a great
hair day. People needed to see me! LOL

I came home with Doritos and beer, but at the end of the day,
I only drank one and did not eat the whole bag. Actually not
much at all. Not sure what I was thinking.

Then started texting back and forth with my BFF. She is taking
part of Monday off work and I am going to go pick her up
at the car place while her car is having new brakes installed.
We are going to go have lunch and then maybe check out the
YMCA. We do have a local one here and it is by the river. I
have thought about joining, but not sure yet. We are going
to check it out....and see if it is a fit for us.

We shall see.

The National Whitewater Center was packed yesterday and the
water was GREEN! We had many in the water doing their thing..
but seeing it for real was a sign that spring is around the
corner and we can look forward to warmer temperatures.


I finally heard from my friend in Mountains...she sais she would be
in touch and....hoping to take a ride up there to see her on
one of these nice days. I love the area she lives in and last
time it was really too cold too enjoy it much....but being n
her company is joy enough for me.

My yellow bells are blooming and my yard is coming to life...
I have plans to have them removed but seeing them like this
could change my mind about that. Not sure what to do now...
My entire side yard along the road and the back..are surrounded
by them. I drive into my driveway in between them....and
they are lovely. Just looks like crap when they are not
in bloom and allowing them to grow so large....has been
a problem. The neighbors do not like the look.

So, we have been thinking of some upgrades here...and taking
them down is an option. Hard to even think that this time
of year....


He still has not heard from work. There is paper work to fill
out before him to fill out before he takes a job. Not sure
what the hold up is, but he was using this assignment as an
excuse to put off the renovations here. I am still waiting...
as always.

After taking the shot this week, I was hoping my ribcage would
begin to feel better. It has a little but it is still going
on. I am trying to enjoy this wonderful weather, but also
take it easy until I am completely healed.

With that I will sign off again.....

and I am hoping that all who read this will have a wonder
day....enjoy kind...