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2015-03-14 13:54:16 (UTC)

Being on time.....a lost skill?

This week has been a bit more busy for me than I had hope it would be.
We are supposed to work together and do what we say we will, but
that does not always happen in business as many business people
simply do not give a shit what it means to be on time, keep
their appointments and do what is expected of them.

This rang true yesterday. I am happy I changed my showing appointments
for my second buyer from yesterday to today. When I got to the
inspection, I was only supposed to let them in and leave. But
since the other agent did not show up until the inspection was
over just to say hi and see how things were going, I had to stay
for two hours.

If I had not rescheduled the showings for today, I would have
had to call my buyers and cancel. That sucks when you buyers
have flown across the country to be there.

Whatever....I was on top of it.

I will be out and about today hoping to locate the one that
they will like and want to present an offer on.

Sometimes I not like working with agents from these big companies.
They have two many fish in the pond. Too many people on the teams
too much extra activity that waste time and apparently confusing
them on what they have scheduled and said they would do.

I do not like to wait on people when I have an appointment.
I seriously do not like it when they do not even show up
until there presence is no longer needed.

I do not need to be introduced to them after we have already
met or spoken on the phone. I do not care to stand around hearing
them speak about all they have to do and how many grandkids
they have or how old their mother is. I do not care about that.

All I expect is for the forms to be correct, signed and delivered
and when they tell me they will be there at 2:00, I do not care
to see them driving up two hours later.

When I left, I was supposed to meet my BFF at the pub for a early
dinner. We needed to catch up. She had another appointment
with her back surgeon and I was excited to know how that went.

However, I was gonna have to drive through Charlotte and knew it
would take me about an hour to get there. She said she could
be there in 45 minutes. I got there, she was not

I got a seat, ordered a beer and waited about 15 minutes before
getting a menu and I ordered something to eat. I was hungry.

She finally showed up about 40 minutes later. Said she went into
a shop and lost time in there. I bet she was sitting in her car
in the parking lot talking to someone until her phone almost
went dead.....then she finally walks in with some other story.

Now, I am seriously getting sick of this behavior.

I had already decided that if she did not show when I was finished
eating my mean, I was going to leave. But she did show up.

However, when she ordered her last beer, I told the waitress
to bring me my ticket. I was ready to go.

After all, I did have papers to copy and things to fax
which was the plan. She knew we were just meeting for a short
time, and I had already told her that I could not stay long.
Actually, I only intended to order an appetizer and come home
to the dinner my husband had planned to cook.

That happened.

I was on time.

She was not.

The listing agent was not on time....
and that screwed up my day.

It snowballed into the same thing.....

Why in the hell can people not just be on time?

I really hate that.