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2015-03-12 21:34:48 (UTC)

Next! Got this

So, the doctor did not do an x-ray after all. Instead, she gave
me a shot of prednisone. She said this would help and to use
heat on my ribcage. If not better in two weeks. Go back.

Must be like a tax day.....

I mailed my sons check to the State of NC. He owed them almost
300 bucks this year....but it is done.

Then I get home to open a tax letter for our house. Recent
evaluation says our tax value has gone up....considerably.
My tax value is almost market value. That sucks. We will
be paying taxes on about 30k more for this dump....
and that is before renovations!

Good thing about that is the old man does not like it...
and it may be the reason for the for sale sign next door.

So, I am watching a movie....funny as hell...
about Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, NO GOOD DAY

Speaking of....

earlier today, I got a message in one of those pop up
boxes on this laptop....saying something about
Windows 8...and some new security thing. I clicked


now, when I try to go to Facebook, I do not get the same
page as I do on my other computers....just this one...
then when I type in Facebook into the browser that
the other page shows up....the curser goes away. Only
thing I can do is cut off computer.....I figure it
is something horrible so I been taking out the battery
too when I cut it off.

I looked for one of those programs on here that you can
reset your computer to an earlier date. Not on here
from what I can see.

I ran my security scan...and it did not catch it.

Do not know what to do....

but for now....

I am taking it easy.....with heating pad.....

no pills....

just a shot.....