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2015-03-11 21:41:09 (UTC)

Let the sun shine

This has been a very beautiful day. It was in the low 80s.
Seriously! We have the windows is totally awesome.

I spent three hours at the eye doctor office. I will pick up
a new set of contacts when they come in to see if I like them
before ordering some. This time, I will be ordering a pair
of glasses also. Something I have needed for a while....

Talked to my under contract buyer today. He is excited. He
is packing already. Will be in his new home right after the
end of the month. What a way to start a new spring...

This week will become busy. I have things to do tonight already
and tomorrow I go get that x-ray. Be glad to have that behind

Friday I have to go to the inspection....and Saturday and probably
Sunday too I will be showing property to the PA people.
Hoping to have another one under contract this time next week.

Glad to be making this money at the first part of the year...
actually after I finish these two, I will be very close to
the limit I can make. So, I will be slowing things down
in business during our renovation.

We are planning a beach trip together...and while I am there...
I will be looking for a cheaper place to come back too with
my girlfriends. We are planning a beach trip this summer.

My SS showed up today. So, I am officially an old social
security collecting old broad.

I am excited to feel a warm breeze and today was a treat
from Mother Nature of whom I adore. I am feeling like a
spoiled brat today...

Still sore though. Be glad to find out for sure this
is just a sore muscle.