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2015-03-10 22:33:51 (UTC)

Seeing clearer now

This has turned out to be a very busy day. If I did have an office
here, I would have not come out of it all day. Instead, I have
been running back and forth to the kitchen area computer and my
bedroom....and in there I tried to use the desktop instead of
crawling in bed so much.

I finally scheduled the eye doctor appointment for tomorrow. I can
finally order some contacts that I can see better in and wear longer.

On Thursday I go to the doctor to get the x-ray of my chest area.
We will finally know what in the hell is up with that.

Scheduled my female doctor appointment too....first week n April.
Mammogram to follow shortly after that.

After all this, the only thing left for me to do for myself is
go to the dentist. But not till much later n this year....

Got a call from the PA folks today. They are in town and wanted to
schedule some showings. I am hoping to show them property on Saturday.
It will be almost 70 degrees here...and I just bet after being up
North during this winter will emphasize just how wonder the
weather is here in North Carolina. It is warming up each day...
lots of showers at the moment, but no ice and snow.

So, I had to work on putting together some showings for them.
Have not scheduled yet as I am still waiting on confirmation
from them that Saturday is ok.

The neighbors house has a for sale sign in front of it. I called
today to ask when to expect seeing it in MLS. Signs been up for
days and nothing. He said it would be in probably in the
morning. Seriously? I enter my listings the day I put
the sign in the yard. I do that hoping to get some
showings right away. Especially in this market. Even
half ass houses are not lasting long. Inventory is low.
I could not believe the low ball price on it. Wish I had
the money to buy it. The son could live there. And get
a roommate. I could walk across the street to his house....
man...But I do not nor do I have anyone looking who would want
to buy a manufactured home.....although it is nice and on over
an acre lot. We have a garage and a pool. That price
with affect the value of our place. Wish I knew someone
who wanted to live right next door. Then I thought,
maybe we will have horrible neighbors and he changes his
mind about selling

But it does not

my old man does not ever intend to sell this
dump. But we should be starting the remodeling after our
beach trip....we are going to upgrade to our standards...
and to freshen things up. One step at a time.

And if you are a regular reader, you have to know that part
of really does not expect any of that to happen. I will believe
it when I see it. And you also know that I have a plan B.

Yeah...and there is that.

Plan B

BEACH TRIP! I will go with or without him. And this time I will be
out and about....he can come with me or he can sleep all day. I could care less.....I am still going.

UPGRADNIG FROM DUMP If he does not start the shit he has promised
to do.... I am taking my part of the money, talking to a lawyer
and renting my own apartment....probably take the son with me...
and he can help he pay the rent. I can afford it. I know that
now. He should too. So, this could be it. Wait for it.