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2015-03-09 15:38:51 (UTC)

Dodging bullets

So, I did not have to go to jury duty today.
I certainly did not intend to tell him this, but
he would have known anyway when he got up today.
But, instead, I asked him what time he was leaving
in the the morning..last night. I wanted to be sure
they knew my car would be in garage so his brother
does not block me in.

He seemed surprise I would not have jury duty today..
then said that he had not talked to brother and did
not know for sure if he was going....or not.


Was that his quick save? Was he dodging a bullet too?

Or could I be way off base with my suspicions of him?

I will be placing tracking device in his truck today....

I may have to go for real tomorrow to jury
we shall see what he does. His brother would not be going
anywhere tomorrow but work...Monday is his day off....
so the old man can not use him as his excuse.

I will know for sure soon if there is anything up
with this old man.....

and if there is....

We shall see.