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2015-03-08 16:12:47 (UTC)

One day retreive

WOW...I called the number for the jury schedule and I am
saved for one more day. I do not have to go tomorrow, but
I will have to call again tomorrow night. I am happy.

Yesterday I took a ride to run some errands and went by my
business woman's house where she was having a huge garage sale.
She had a lot of stuff from her shop which is closed now. I
was impressed by the way she had things set up. Kind of cluttered
but in a impressive way. I was walking through and could not stop
exploring. I saw a record player that has a radio. It was so
old. She could not get it to work, so I passed on that. But
I spotted an old rocking chair. Had some wear but I loved it.
Small enough for my room and still very comfortable. She
helped me put it in my car. Before I left to return home we
had a conversation about going down to the pub. One of our
favorite bands were playing and she was ready for a night out.

So, we decided to meet down at the pub later.

When I got home I talked to my husband who informed me that he
was driving his brother to Winston Salem on Monday to see a
doctor. Monday is his brothers day off. My husband thinks
I will have jury duty all day. Okay. I did not think too much
of it.

Then I thought that Monday might be a good day for me to text
my tracking device on his truck. So, I knew I would have to
install the program on one of my newer computers since the
old computer does not work well now. ready to go to pub. I got there early to ensure
good seats. I was lucky. It really did not get very crowded
and that band did not start playing until 10:00. So, I
only stayed for one set. I did not want to be wasted and
did have things to do ( Today ).

So, this morning after calling the court to learn I do not
have jury duty....I downloaded my tracking programs and charged
up the tracker. Tomorrow morning while he is getting dressed...
I will take it to his truck.

I do not think he is up too anything. But it always happens
that when he knows I am going to be somewhere all day like
jury duty or in a class or have to drive to another county
where it is clear I will be gone a while, he never fails to
ask questions to be sure he knows when I will be home. It seems
to me that there is a pattern of him having things to do,
saying he went to LOWES or somewhere like that to explain his
whereabouts. Now, I can check it out when these days come
up. It was my plan. other news. When he told me yesterday that he is only
going to work the 4 or 5 weeks and no more this year. I guess he
wanted to assure me that he does intend to start the remodeling
after this outage. So, I said I want to go to the beach
sometime soon. I was not really thinking he would want to
go and I did not expect his response. He said that WE can
go to the beach or a week after his job is over. So, sometime
in May. A week? Hell, I was just thinking of going down
for a weekend...and taking one of the girls with me. But
now we are planning on going for a week.

This reminded me of the last time he and I took a week vacation
at the this does not include the times he was
working down there and we had a condo. I mean a week vacation.

That week, he barely left the room. He wanted to lay in bed
and watch TV all the time. I could not get him to walk with me
on the beach, or go have a beer, or anything. We went out
to eat each night and that was it. FUCK A REPEAT OF THAT...

so, instead of going to Oak Island, I am going to tell him
I want to go to North Myrtle or Ocean Drive...I want to
be somewhere I can walk to places and not have to worry
about what he is doing. Matter a fact, he has a uncle
that lives down there who he can go see or maybe play some
golf with.....sounds like a better plan than last time...
which left me hurt and disappointed....and looking for
a lawyer.

I want to schedule my update class soon......and get that four
hours over with. I am going to schedule the other four hours
another time so I do not have to do an 8 hour class.

Those 8 hour another example of him finally getting
out of the house.

I got this this time.

I got it.