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2015-03-05 22:47:06 (UTC)

Bi-polar weather

All I heard yesterday was how damn cold it was going to be today after
such a lovely spring like day we had yesterday. Last night was walk
around the block in the moonlight weather. It was beautiful here.

So, expecting it to be almost freezing weather today, when I picked
out sweaters and shit like that to wear today to only find the
temperature at 71 degrees this morning when I pulled out of the
driveway. Had to cut on the air in fact. Felt good.

I felt a little better too this morning.

On my way home after a very successful day....getting a perfectly
written contract presented and accepted...I have one more under
contract and I am a happy camper about now....anyway, on my way
home which was around 2 it was 48 degrees and falling.

Crazy weather.

But still had a good day.

Thought I was out of MJ but found an extra little bit that I
had put aside for days like this.

He is picking up food....I am sitting back with a cold one...

snug as a bug
kind a hurting.....but not as bad as day before yesterday....