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2015-03-03 22:08:40 (UTC)

Houses and doctors

It was a nasty morning here but I managed to get up and out of
here with all contracts prepared just in case my buyer decided
to present an offer. I went by the daughters house first and
was happy to spend some time with her. I gave her the necklace
that I put together for her. The locket is clear and opens.
The one I have has a lid that screws on and off. Hers is much
easier to keep up with. The charms included a house for real estate,
the Eifel Tower to remind her of her trip to the UK, a school bus to
represent her job....and a HOPE and a FAITH and a Diamond G for Grace.
All the names of her daughters, my grand daughters.

The oldest was home from school today. It seemed she was upset and
afraid to go to school today because of some guy who had been
making comments at school that made some of them feel he had
intensions of showing up with a gun and offing a bunch of them...
She was kept home today. The boy was reported, but by my granddaughter
but some of the others who heard him say those things. It has to
be a pretty fucked up world when your kids can not go school
because they are afraid of being killed. I do not ever even knowing
anything about the horrors of this world when I was her age. My
how things have changed. Very scary.

My buyer and I saw several homes today. He is not one of those
that wants to keep walking through looking for things that are
done wrong, peeling paint, crack and shit....he walks through,
and only says the things he likes. He will say if he is feeling
it or not. Today he was feeling it on the first one. But feeling
it even better on the last one. It was 20k cheaper and no HOA dues.
It was perfect. He is going to talk to his family and call
me later to let me know what to write up. If he decides to do it.

A very good day for me in business. I am not a fake ass bitch
who pretends to be something she is not. I did not show up
in heels and a brief case and all that. I wore jeans, tennis
shoes, and a flannel shirt over a thermal undershirt. I did
wear a bra. Wish I had not though.

I stopped on the way home at the doctors office. They are going
to call me when they get it set up for me to have an x ray of my
right chest. Wearing that damn bra hurt like hell. I won't be
wearing one again until this is healed whatever it is.

My daughter seems to think I could have pheumonia or a cracked
rib. I am not sure if you can cough and cause a rib to crack
but she seems to think you can. She also said I could have
pheumonia and not know it. She insisted I go by the doctors
office on the way home.

I must look bad or something. She asked me if I felt bad.



I am on it.

I have the contracts ready for the price...and other details..

when I get that ready, I will be handling that tomorrow too.
Already talked to the agent who has it listed. She was ok.
Another agent called me from one of the other listings we
saw today. We chatted a while. She was ok too.

I have felt this way for so long I am not sure if I feel
bad or not. I feel like I am recuperating from the flu or
something like the flu. My head is still stuffed up enough
to cause me to feel down right dizzy sometimes or very
light headed. I feel like I have a basketball under my
right breast and a golf ball in my head right inside my
right ear. My heart has been fluttering more than
usual too. Crazy.

Hope it does not do that while the doctor is listening
to it. Shit. I can not be hospitalized right now.
I got shit to do.