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2015-03-01 23:26:20 (UTC)

Fake Snow

My cell phone screen shows the weather outside. For instance, if it
is raining, it will show raining....and it shows snowing if it is
snowing....kinda cool. I like inside my room with the curtains
drawn so I rarely know what is going on outside unless I go to
another part of the house. Another reason I suppose he thinks we
need new windows. Anyway...I was sitting up in my bed in here
all day. Got up early. It was so damn good outside, there was
black ice everywhere.....Church services were mostly cancelled...

I had no intentions of leaving today. Went to sleep early last night..
so I was awake at 4 oclock this morning....I am getting tired
already and it is only 6pm. I even talked him out of cooking
dinner tonight. We can make sandwiches and fin for ourselves...
making myself sort of a liar about how we always eat together
at the dining table like a family. I probably need to clarify
but not anymore. I live in my room.....with the curtains
drawn. Now, there are times I will open the window...just to
get fresh air in here and to keep it from getting too hot
from our heating system...which also gets it cold enough
to hang meat in here in the that window is open
then too.

I got out of the house yesterday. Went for a ride to check out
some property...that house my friend has is all brick. I do
remember that short dead end road when I was little. My foster
mother used to go to a house across the street to pick up
some band made blankets. Cool ones too. I was given one...
and I gave it to my daughter. I bet my friend has one. She
said her cousin and grandmother used to live across the street.
I bet that was who my mother was going to see. I bet we hear
more stories about growing up....and my foster mother and her
dad being first cousins. That is very cool. It is all
seeming more real now. But I still do not really know how to
feel about it. I guess it is good. We have spoken. Our
other friend called me yesterday too. I was going to out
with them....but I swear I thought I was going to show property
today, not to mention I still feel pretty darn rough.

I started taking Allegra D today. I am going to take that every
morning for a few days. I really got to get out of here on
Tuesday for real. Rain or shine....I am showing property that
day. Showing a my last one in my daughters neighborhood.
I plan on stopping in to see her that day.....

She called me too yesterday. There was a teenage girl suicide
this week at my granddaughters HS. I can not believe that girl
is in HS. It seems like yesterday she was born. She knew who
the girl was, but they were not close friends. She said it was
a bullying situation. That really upsets me. I think when
stuff like this happens, it causes us to remember back in our
own life trying to recall if you ever said anything mean enough
to someone that they would kill themselves? It is certainly
a learning experience for the kids at that school. It is
the same for all of us I suppose.

I am still hurting under my right breast. It is not as bad.
But it still hurts. Walking in the store yesterday was not
easy either. I did not walk around in there. I never made
any Mary J Butter. I did find a small crock pot yesterday
and it works fine. I am hoping to take a trip to the mountains
soon take the crockpot and hopefully come home with some
Mary J Butter. Not sure how I will be using it. We shall
see if that works for me or not. One of her friends swears
by it. But she is not sure. Just knows how to make it.
With brilliant friends like this at least my growing older
each day is not boring all the time.

I do have my adventures.

I figure it will start warming up after this next week....

then of course I will have JURY DUTY on the 9th...and I
will be praying for a snow storm. JUST ONE MORE PLEASE....

Now today...when I looked at my phone and saw snow....
but when I ran into the kitchen and den to see it snowing...
it was not. It was just sleeting some. No snow....

guess it was a fake snow day.....

or something like that