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2015-02-27 01:17:34 (UTC)

Black Ice ahead

This snow was not as bad as we had figured. It was not bad at all
at the daughters. She had to drive that bus today on a 2 hr delay.
Same thing tomorrow.

Here, they closed the schools. It was horrid this morning. But
some people did manage to get out after it warmed up. I hate this
time of year, I am not a winter person....

My newly found cousin called me today. We talked a long time.
Making plans to go out again and we discussed selling her house.
It was good to talk to her. I have missed this girl for a while...
I just have not been out much. I can barely remember why that was....

the good news is. I can read this diary and take notes on what has
been going on with me. I have been forgetting things. I hate that too.
A friend of a friend recently was diagnosed with ALU Lugarrets
Not sure what it is. But forgetting things and having
a slurred speech is part of it. I am not sure what is up with
me. Almost afraid to bring it up to the doctors. Never know
what they might think or do. Hell the last thing I need right
now is to be in a hospital with all the fucking germs that
lurk there. I would like to get over the last damn cold or whatever
this is before getting exposed to something else.

My other friend called me early this morning freaking out about
driving to work in the snow. I am just glad that I do not
have to worry myself with this problem. I live a retired
schedule. I get up and do things only when I feel like it.

I am not sure if she made it or not.

Looks like we are going to start getting snow every damn year...
and we never know how long it is going to be here. Usually it
just melts and that is it. Not anymore. Now, the damn shit
freezes and looks like black ice. Wrecks all over the place.

We just do not know how to deal with this in this area. They
must need to do more to the roads. Something is missing. People
up North go to work all the does not shut down
there. How can they drive on those roads and we can not drive
on ours? There is a missing link. Not that it applys to me.
My missing link is somewhere very farther south of here....

Then my daughter called too. Girl Scout cookie time....
I am just sending them a check for 24 bucks and they can
out in a order for someone else. I do not need any cookies.

I would like a cold beer.....but I do not have one.

Maybe this weekend

Making plans