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2015-02-24 15:19:26 (UTC)

Winter sucks

So, I called to post pone my appointment to get my taxes done.
I really wanted to have the owner there to do them so that is
why I had to make an appointment. It is snowing again. Nothing
the weather channel says has happened. A light dusting? Seriously?

I could make it there driving my car. Not concerned about that.
But the part that concerns me is the parking lot, the sidewalks.
I do not want to fall. When you get this age, you learn NOT
to take any chances. They understood when I called and we worked
it out. I will give them a call the morning I want to come. They
know it is important the owner prepare them. Anyway, not today.

I am still hurting. I guess I need to look on my last years date
book to see when I had that mammogram last year and schedule one
for now. You can not let those things go. If this pain does not
stop before then, I will touch base with the doctor downtown to
see if she wants them to do anything else while I am there. I
hate being in pain.

I spent last year in pain almost half the fucking year. I have
gained 10 pounds. I really need to figure this out and get
control of my life again. I feel it all slipping away. I
am not winning. I am losing. I hate to lose.

More later