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2015-02-22 16:16:00 (UTC)

Sunday outside yet?

I feel pretty good about finally having everything the tax guy
ask for totaled up and ready for him. I prepared a self employed
ledger and made a copy of letter from Social Security to send
to the marketplace. I think I finally have all those things

I do not feel as good as I did yesterday but the sun has not come
out yet.

My son came in here and used the manual to figure out that
damn vacuum cleaner that I bought from HSN. Now we know how
to use it. He used the hose to clean dust from my ceiling in
my bathroom. Yea! My house is pretty clean now. I am ok
with doing nothing for a while.

That stupid stalker ex boyfriend from high school.....sent me
another really stupid message on facebook again. I just want
to deactivate the entire account again. But I am not going
to let the moron win. I just ignored him. I guess if one
of our mutual friends comments or likes something I post, he
may be able to see it. He sent a message a while back saying
something about how cute I looked in my new profile photo.


I do not even feel like beating his ass today. I do not feel
like knowing he is alive somewhere in our world wasting good
air that he is breathing. I hate his guts real bad. Makes me
sick to my stomach to remember ever going out with him. But
he was the president of the student body and my mother liked
the idea he planned on becoming a minister. A MINISTER!

Seriously? And he did.

Now retired....and here I sit almost 47 fucking years later and
he is still harassing me with his ignorant stupid shit. Who tells
a woman about 50 shades of grey and suggest to a married woman that
it is a good read? NOT A MINISTER! Only if they are a dirty
old man...and I believe that is what he is which is very sad.

I am going to the pub today. I posted that. Now if he knows
it....or saw it some how I do not know. He is not one of my
friends on there. But even though he lives four counties from
here....almost in BOONE.....he volunteers or somehow is involved
in the Lutheran Church downtown. He could be down there lurking
around. GOD I HOPE NOT.

If he walks up to me in that pub today...I am going to start
beating the living shit out of him. He was told to stay
out of my town...and he best learn to understand....