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2015-02-21 23:39:45 (UTC)

Finally feeling better today

It is usually nice getting up early and getting my day started.
I enjoy my alone time. Will enjoy it more when they move the
rooms around....if they ever do.

He said that he wanted to wait on that so he can stay too his
plan of doing each room one at a time. Not sure when that will
start....maybe after it warms up. I am tired of waiting...
and will try to get busy soon as I can.

I have some clerical crap to take care of next week.....
then that crazy ass jury duty....

when that is over....I am going to be out of here every day
looking for business.

I helped my daughter today. She was locked out of the system
and was asking me to do stuff for her. So I asked her how much
she owed. It was not much. Just had a returned check...and
I went ahead and took care of it so she could handle her own

I will be feeling much better as time passes......

that pain has stopped...and I am ready to get off my butt
and back to cleaning and organizing and getting rid of crap.

I will be calling around too in the future to find the
right company to come here and get this pool open by spring.

I intend to take back my yard this summer....

my deck will be used.