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2015-02-21 06:28:42 (UTC)

Anxiety and Relief

Had my FC/CT interview today...was so freakin nervous about it, went back for my interview and its me in the "chair of doom" (their words not mine)
And 3 people asking me all kinds of questions pertaining to the job, people, Christ, personality...ect.
I didn't realize Cross timbers was different from fallscreek bur it is and thats where they said that maybe where they'd put me...which is kind of nerve wracking because i din't know alot about it like i do with FC and its workinf with Kids not youth...ect.
The interview was not at all what i was expecting but not as bad as i thought it would be as per usual with my life and Anxiety filled ways.
I'm so relieved its over though cause i won't have to think about it anymore.
And i have a month before they are going to tell me if i got the job or not... Which may sound horrible to some...but the idea of having time is so wonderful...oh my gosh!!! Uhhhh its just such a relief and a weight lifted off of me.
I may not get the job, i'm okay with that.
I may get the job, i'm okay with that.
I may get the job and choose not to take it, i'm okau with that too.

I'm at peace right now with it and super tired after th is long day... My vision is getting blurry so thats the cue to stop stairing at t his screen typing and to close my eyes and go to sleep.
Wish me luck and i wish you the best.