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2015-02-20 16:24:49 (UTC)

Being defriended

I guess when you are looking for one of your what you thought
was one of your friends to tell them how sorry they lost a loved
one this week to learn that they have de-friended you.....

well, that was strange. I will say that. I did manage to send
her a message, but not sure if she will even get it since we
are no longer friends on there. Whatever.

I remember the last time she called here which is rarely to say
the least, I did ask her to call my cell phone instead of our
land line. Maybe she could upset about that. She had called
a couple times while I was out running errands and the phone
ringing woke my husband up who at that particular time was
still recuperating from hip replacement. Plus if you are calling
me, why not just call my cell phone...since she called it
anyway when I did not answer the home phone.

I did not see any reason for her to get bent out of shape about
that request. I do not give out my home phone to many people
and for the life of me, I do not recall how she got it in
the first place.

I hate her mom is gone. She was a sweet lady.
I sent my condolences. And that is all I will be
doing. This woman does not keep friends easily.
Guess I am experiencing the reason why or one of them.

Maybe she got upset that I could not make her graduation
from college. I was working and had clients. I could not
go. I hate to think I was the only friend she had at that

Maybe she thought I should de-friend her boyfriend whom she
broke up with right before her graduation? Not sure why
I would do that. He is from the UK and works in the music
business in a journalist type career. He post very interesting
articles and videos of music groups that I would otherwise
would never know of. I do not have any type of relationship
with him at all. Only met him once.

As far as she goes...she was in school for the past few years.
She called me a couple times during that time. Once I attended
a dinner she had prepared for some of her girl friends. I was
the only one who came. Awkward. Maybe there is more to
the reasons that the others did not come than just the excuses
they gave at the time. I have no idea.

Friends who do not stay in touch drift apart sometimes. I
understand she was in school and had to study. She was
having a new wonderful experience and I was her biggest
supporter. I was always telling her how proud of was
and encouraging her.

Now, I had business going on during that time too....

I remember a couple of open houses I had right near her
and always told her about. She never stopped by. I was
ok with that. I understand all of us have lives to live.
I was living mine.

I hate to feel like it would not be appropriate to be
there for her during this difficult time.

True colors revealed....

still not sure what I see in this.