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2015-02-19 20:38:22 (UTC)

Thursday long weekend.....

Not sure what that meant really. I guess if I wanted to be
technical about days around here, everyday is a weekend day
for me. Living in this area with no summer home to go to
during winter like most recent winters, I am living in the house
in my room, in my bed, going hardly anywhere. With him here
and the son too, I do not even have to put gas in my car
if I did not want too. They are always asking if I need anything
from downtown. Hopefully we will only have about a month of this
crap and my life can start over for this year. Until then,
I am staying put. I can not believe they did not close the
schools again today. And it is days like this that I absolutely
hate the fact that my daughter is driving a school bus....on
secondary roads. Shit. I hate this time of year every year
but seems like this one has began be very brutal. Wind chills
of below zero. Had to shut my window.

My chest area is still hurting. I do not believe at all that
it is my lung. It seems more like a torn muscle. Probably did
it with that horrible cough I had. That is the type of pain
it feels like. Today, I put one of those pads that heat up
and stay hot for a while. Feels pretty good. I can take a deep
breath in some positions and I feel no pain what so ever. But
in most positions it does hurt. So that says it is a muscle.
This will take time to heal. Which is good. I have a list a
mile long. Nothing is getting done anytime soon. He was told
today that he does not have to go to work until after first week
in April. So, we have time to schedule something. I think he is
thinking bout them bushes. OMG I want them down so bad.

Who knows.....

I might see some progress before spring.

We will have to call a pool company to come out and get that
pool open. It needs a new liner and maybe a pump. I will
love being able to ask the girls to come sit by the pool.
Get my mojo back.

Gonna get that guitar back out too. All time has caused the
birth of music inside my head. I must take some time to
play it...and first week in April is sounding like a time
to look forward too. He will be working at night though....
and sleeping during the day. A good time to get back out
there and find some listings. Back to work.

I look forward to that.