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2015-02-17 14:27:43 (UTC)

Hell Freeze over....

So the state of North Carolina is closed. The governor has
spoken. We saw this coming. I am so thankful to have
finally spent some time with the insurance agent who helped
me sign up for dental insurance and get the Obama care crap
straight. I am not sure who is training those reps but something
with that system is broken. I can not say it is the representatives.
With this much degree of miscommunication and mistakes made in
the process, it has to be the way these people are being trained.
When they continue to keep folks on staff instead of sending them
home to make room for people who can comprehend the process, they
are not making room for compinemt people to help everyone that
calls. Hell, the call wait would come down if 85% of the people
calling had their process done correctly to begin with....
instead...of having to keep calling in to get it straight.

I guess common sense is a thing of the past. We would not want
to offend the stupid people by giving them jobs they do not understand
how to do correctly. Seems to me that is sending the wrong
message to everyone involved in the process. The people who
voted for it, and the representative themselves. If you make them
think that not acing the training or not being a slack ass...
by paying attention and learning your are having
half asses live life not only doing the best they oould, but
being rewarded for being a slack ass.

I say if you are a slack ass, go work at McDonalds...taco bell...
dime store...pump yard work...but for God sakes, please
do not work for the government signing people up for insurance.
Get it?


Anyway, should be straight.
But I am paying 30 dollars more for it. Not even sure why.


felt better about the whole thing on my way home....
and glad to have that over with....

We will have ice on roads probably till the weekend....
so we are going no where.

This looks like a soup cornbread kind of day.

Still feeling like shit...
but looking good feeling bad....
so no one really knows how bad I feel.


Has hell froze over too?