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2015-02-17 02:45:26 (UTC)

25 Reasons why life Sucks right now.

1. The house, they are destroying it after all our work.
2. The church, were leaving it.
3. Dads not wanting to/ going to preach.
4. I'm depressed.
5. I'm supposed to be going to the FC interview friday and i'm not ready.
6. Everyones Stressed and acting like jerks.
7. Fighting for what we have is a hopeless cause.
8. We are pretending to most people that everythings okay whem its not.
9. I'm a screw up in almost everything.
10. Nothing in my life right now is okay.
11. I hate liking someone because it only ends up breaking my heart.
12. Friends who once meant the world to me now want nothing to do with me.
13. No job, no money.
14. No plans, no future.
15. I may be moving farther away from the Two good friends i just made.
16. My weight.
17. My parents health.
18. My fear of the unknown and of leaving home.
19. Being a victiom in this stupid house crap.
20. God feels far far away and i don't know anything anymore.
21. I feel like crying all the time.
22. I'm angry all the time.
23. I'm scared most of the time.
24. I don't have alot of people i can trust and just be myself with.
25. Most of the things on this list i can't change or fix.

And those are the 25 reasons my life sucks right now!