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2015-02-15 11:22:38 (UTC)

Freezing hell here

Yesterday was a blur. I woke up early feeling like crap and took
one little and I do mean small amount of Nyquil. I fall back to sleep
and did not wake up until after 3 o'clock. Took a while to get woke
up too. Yesterday was a waste. I did not even shower.

My body was aching and still is on my upper side, under arm pit area
and higher back area. Under my boob area....hurting like it is sore
from all the couching. I do not recall doing anything hurt worthy
but couch. Not so bad this morning, not as bad as yesterday.

It feels like it is five degrees. SHIT....I am sick of feeling like
this. I am 100 percent positive I have that seasonal disorder that
requires me to live only in warm climates. I could be dying right
now from it. Who knows?

I do go sign up for dental insurance tomorrow. It is supposed to
begin snowing tomorrow. SHIT!

God why am I here? Why in the hell am I here still?

I will need to choose a beach area that is not off this state or
SC. I am going to have to choose another country to find that
beach. But where?

Most everyone is preparing for the snow storm tomorrow.
Monday is a holiday. So, Tuesday and more days are suspected to
become snow days. Which means round here when it snows we close
up. Head home, snuggle with family staying off roads.....
nothing is open. Everything closes. I have memories of snow days
during childhood, and recall enjoying it very much....but not
at 62. I hate it. Stomping feet real hard.

Glad I have the this point, I feel it is all I have.

Hoping to create new memories someday if I live long enough to locate
that warm climate.

It takes way too long to get over a damn cold.
I hate it. But very glad my BFF got me a real good
down filled dress length coat. I will be wearing that
damn thing tomorrow....why in the hell can I not just
sign up for dental insurance over the fucking phone?

Thanks OBAMA. You have fucked up my life.

I am still being charged for my husband and myself
for health insurance....and he is not supposed to be
on it. I can not get him off. Hell, he has just been
paying the extra money for it instead of the lesser
amount that was just for me?


I have got to get this straightened out. I may take that
folder with me tomorrow. Maybe the insurance guy can help
me with that.

I am too sick to worry about shit like this right now...

I am not going to a hospital or a fucking doctor until
this mess is straightened out.

Calling that 800 number is a joke. I have not yet been lucky
enough to get a representative that knows how to enter in
correct information. I called on November 15th. This
was supposed to be handled then. Since then, I have called
twice being told both times that it was finally handled.
Lord have mercy.