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2015-02-13 21:32:20 (UTC)

Friday teases

I knew not to get excited about our buyer asking about that house
again. He is a tease. I am not even responding anymore. Please...

instead I am going to focus on things I need to take care of and
take care. We have an appointment to get taxes done. So, that is
handled. I called the Obama Care today. Bless my heart. I got on
line while waiting to be taken off of being on HOLD. Went through
my folder and found the form I filled out to take him off my insurance.
I called them on Nov 15th last year to take care of this. At that
time, the representative went over my plan for this year which
would have just been for me only. He gave me an amount and policy number.

When the bill came, it had my husband on it still.

So, this was the third time I have attempted to get it

After waiting for over 45 minutes...I just hung up and faxed that
form to them again.

Lets see how well that works.

I will call next week after the deadline for insurance. I imagine
they are very busy with that. That webpage has no where to get
help...not even a contact us link. Unless I missed it.

I was able to get an appointment to go sign up for dental
insurance. I do that Monday.

One thing is for sure....hopefully this time next week,
all these things will be handled and I will be feeling

I am still feeling like crap.

I think we are going to have snowstorm on Monday.

Oh my.

I hate this time of year.

Wish I was somewhere tropical......