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2015-02-13 15:07:48 (UTC)

Cold driery Friday looking up

I feel like I may have pneumonia. Lord have mercy. I went through
the on hand over the counter medication looking for something that
may help. I choose one and set it aside. I never take medication
without telling him. Just in case something goes wrong, he will know
what I have taken. Taking any kind of medication has never been
my thing. I had already decided to take it, but have not yet.

Found this weeks episode of Nashville so I am watching it now...
he got up so he knows what I plan on taking. Then I checked my
phone. I had a message from the PA guy asking if that house is
still available? It is. I checked my forms to be signed and I
already have this one ready to go. I just do not know where he
is right now. Will I have to resort to docu-sign or not.

The boss should be in town by now. He was in Raleigh yesterday.
Called me on his way back home. So hopefully the PA guy is close
by and he can go over forms while getting them signed. If he is
not, I will FedEx them to him as first choice. I do not like dealing
with electronic signatures. But if I have too. Shit!

Then again, he could just be wasting our time. That is to be learned
later. I am not even going to tell the boss until that man tells
me he wants to put in OTP and gives me the price. Hoping the boss
will not mind doing some leg work and I will not have to leave the
house. But I will wait a while before taking that medication just
in case. GOD IT IS SO COLD HERE TODAY.....I really do not want
to get out of bed. I guess it is a good thing that I am very
organized and prepared for the offer. I wrote it up the day we
saw it I had an idea they would like it. But when they saw it,
they ripped it apart as if they did not like it at all. I was not
expecting this......

time will tell.....