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2015-02-12 17:36:31 (UTC)

Giving it my best

So this morning I wake up feeling a bit more like crap than
yesterday. I have been getting a lot more rest. Still maybe
not enough. Decided to open the two door cabinet that does not
stay in here. It is harder than I thought to decide what to
get rid of and what to keep. All I was able to do this time
was pull out all the gift bags. There is much more stuff in
there and some of it, I would not want to toss. But I think
these boxes of new empty perfume spray bottles will fit in
top of my closet. I will be working on clearing out a spot
for them later today. I was almost convinced to leave that thing
in here and use it like a linen closet. I do need one for sure.
But there is not room. I may search for a spot in the other
room. If so, it is being moved. At least one more thing
out of here. This weekend, I will have the guys to relocate
everything else in here. Soon I will have two windows to
open....and maybe room for that chair my friend has. Which
my goal for having that in here is to get out of the bed more.

We still have a bunch of clutter in here. Maybe putting that
storage cabinet in the other room, he will have some space for
some of the crap in his room. It is unbelievable. I can not
walk around his bed. It is a spider haven full of dust. He
does not need any of that crap. Not really.

While waiting on him to leave to have his windshield replaced,
I had the chance to discuss the bushes. He agrees this is the
time of year to have them moved. But he was not too keen on
the idea of having the fenced installed. He instead would
rather plant those cedar trees that grow straight up and tall.
OH my lord. Two, those trees are not cheap. Three....he can
not get much to stay alive long when he plants something. I
think it would be best to do a fence. He was mulling it over
when he left. I gave it the best I had. I think I can get that
fence. We shall see.

Today I am cooking one of those recipes someone posted on
FB. Cabbage with beef, onions, tomato sauce, bacon and cheese...
oh, and rice. He already made the bacon for me. I will be
making the rice. Not one of my talents. But I will give it
a try...and have the ground beef will be
ready to throw together and put in the oven later.....
I can not wait to try this. We love cabbage.....

also going to work on taxes...and make appointment to get them
done tomorrow.

I think my buyer decided to hold off on looking at property.
Hoping I hear from him this weekend.

Right now...I am ready for a break.

Giving it my best....

is very hard