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2015-02-11 14:38:34 (UTC)

Getting mojo back

I feel much better today. I have gained some energy and creative
juices are flowing. I have already started clearing out some things
in this room I spend most of my time in. I will be changing it.
My goal with this project is too clear out everything in here that
will not remain after remodel. I will sort together things that
need to stay. This is give me a better idea of how much storage
I will need and start planning it. I think I will have room for
that chair I told my friend I wanted to buy from her. Plus giving
me another reason to go see her. I enjoyed that visit. But being
sick for two weeks afterwards was not fun. I am certainly feeling
blessed today to see a glimpse of hope.

He will be returning to work in two weeks. He will be working
for two months. I will not be able to plan much work here during
that time. But I am going to suggest that we hire someone to take
out those bushes before it starts getting warm. I want them down
and a fence installed. Then, as soon as he is not working, we
can schedule the windows and sliding installation....get that
pool opened....and this summer he can do the renovation....and we
will at least have the outdoor area to escape from....outside
looking in.....and hoping by end of summer...everything is
complete. I could end up loving this place again. Making it
feel more like a home more suitable for all of us. One step
at a time. I think this is going to be a good year.

I will be working on things in here today....making notes and
a list of what I need in here. That chair for one, I need
a stereo with a CD recorder that will allow me to record from
cassette to CD. I have a bunch of music that needs to be save.
GOD I hope I did not toss those cassettes. That would suck.
But I need to be able to listen to the radio. I want access
as soon as possible.

When I get this room situated. I will be moving the internet
main connection to this room. Want this complete before the sliding
and windows are scheduled. Then, once I am good with this room...
it will be ready for paint and flooring...when he is ready to do
that and I can focus on the kitchen area. I want to go ahead
and move those rooms to the way they will be functioning. Once
I take the computer area out and that counter top I can push the
loveseat over there and create a sitting area for when he is
playing records. The liquor cabinet is right there with my
Princess House Crystal glasses. That will be more of an
entertaining area for him. He will love that.

It is only a beginning. We must start somewhere. I have managed
to do a few things before I got sick. Not that I am feeling better
I will continue. There is more crap to get rid of ....
and not only that....

I still have business going on....and things to do in that
area of my life.

There is no time to slow down. I need to get geared up for
some busy days ahead.

Getting my mojo back......