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2015-02-10 12:48:59 (UTC)

Maybe Tuesday.

The raid has finally stopped again. It will not be real warm today,
but it won't be too bad. Mid 50's. I hope to get out of here and
out and about today. I really need to locate some for sale by owners
and or go ride around in that area my buyer is hoping to find something
in because before long, he will sell that condo and have to find
something or else, I will lose him to a one year lease somewhere.
We can not have that.

I hope he calls today to say he is coming tomorrow again. I want
to get him under contract. The boss would be excited to have another
closing scheduled. I am ready for one myself.

I am a completely different human being when I am out and about doing
real estate stuff. Seriously. Wish I felt better. If I did feel
better nothing could stop me.

But since this cold, my head still feels stuffy. I have still be
having spells of dizziness. Something I am not used to. Not sure
if it is just the cold or something else. I just do not feel
completely over this. Having something going on with your head
and balance forces you to cancel things and stay grounded. I
have been trying to stay grounded for too long. I am hoping today
will be the day I venture out.

I still hate this time of year. This soul should not be living
in this state anymore. I should be somewhere tropical. Not sure
where yet or if I will ever find my way there. But somewhere on
this planet is a nice little spot with white sand in the front
yard and the sound of the ocean waves and shade of palm trees
waiting for me to have a seat and lay back to enjoy the day.
I can not even imagine selling property in a place like that.
But no my God would that not be perfect for me? But where?

There has to be a place like that. Wish I could find it.

But until then, I am stuck in this miserable place. Even
the beaches here are cold this time of year. I need to be
much farther south.


I must get back on diet of some sort.
I must start moving my old body more...without injury.
I must get my shit done....make that list shorter.

I may take a chill pill today.

Maybe I simply need a little more rest and time to do so.

Playing it by ear today.

At least I can watch Welcome to Myrtle Manner LOL