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2015-02-07 13:24:10 (UTC)

Spring Like Saturday....

Hot dang. Right now it is like 28 degrees outside. I still have
my window up in my bedroom. It is not cold in this room. This
HVAC must have the motor of a giant size range used in commercial
kitchens. It really gets hot in here. Not too bad in the rest
of the house so my guys do not have to experience this. I am
sure that neither of them could handle it. I can deal. I have
skills. Lately I have had that window up. Laying back in my
bed looking around....maybe I should add another window in here.
Or at least move the window behind my bed to the corner. Corner
windows would work best in here. I need the air flow for the
smoking I do in here too.

Speaking of smoking I heard on the radio yesterday that this state
will be legalizing Mary J. The way they were talking it sounded
like our prisons would be emptied out with all the silly drug
charges dropped. If prisoners are in there only because of
Mary J charges, they could not only get out of jail, but have
records cleared too. Seriously I think this is a great idea.
One, we need room in our prisons for the damn criminals that
need to be there. Lets have room to keep the monsters locked up
instead of the way it is now. A few years in jail and then they
are let out to commit the same crimes again. Leave them in
there forever. Fuck them.

Two, more and more people will stop dropping dead from over
doses of pain killers. People either seriously OD on them
from abuse. Or many of the deaths are accidental over doses
where the patient did not understand how long to wait before
taking it again. Shit like that. Yeah, legalizing it here
and other states too will lower the deaths from over dose deaths
from pain killers. More people will use Mary J to help take
off the edge. It works for me.

Hence another reason for the open window. I also have a fan
going in here. I do buy a lot of candles when I am not making
my own.

Sitting here this morning Fantasizing about my yard, my backyard
and my deck area.....all that needs to be worked on bad. If
I take the bushes down, I must have the chain length fence taken
down too. It has become a fenced in area of over grown grass
and weeds. Also a home for rodents. This is why I do not
cut grass anymore....or one of them. I mean really it got over 20 feet high this past summer. I bet this is why the helicopters fly over here
so much...I mean right over the house. Crazy shit. I bet
they are taking photos of that weed garden. I can only imagine
the conversation in the control room of the investigators when
they come to conclusion it is not anything illegal at all....
just white trash at its finest.

I asked him last might about the new schedule for our remodel. He
said it will begin as soon as his next working schedule ends....
he does not plan on taking anymore jobs this year. Sounds good
to me. Now, I am thinking ahead about how it may look out there.
I would love to have a screened in porch out on that deck. Have not
figured it out yet....the garage is built onto our
rectangular shaped house....from the air our home would be
L shaped. The back of that garage is where my deck is...all
along the back. That roof like would hold a hip roof....that
would have to be worked into the completely different A roof for
that side of the house. I am not sure how the water would flow...
off the roof where the two roof styles would meet. Still working
it out inside my head. But at the end I believe I am can
get a screened in porch out there even if I have to walk out
onto the deck...not covered that lead to stairs to pool...
and have to open a door to walk into screened in area...
I think this plan would be the easiest to build and not have
issues with.

I want the backyard to have top soil so the yard can be reworked
to be more level. Where those bushes once were I will have a
wood privacy fence installed in the back and on the side that
meets the road. We are on a corner lot, I want it more private
from the road and the neighbors at the back.....


I am feeling very creative this morning. I have my drafting paper
ready to jot down some ideas. I have an idea folder. No need
to go running in there to tell him about them....he is asleep. I
will pull out the ideas folder when we are getting ready to
start work.

OMG! After using that screened in porch a couple years, I will
have the garage turned into a large family room....with French
doors going onto that porch....I can have glass added to one
side of that porch to make a sunroom....just like the one
I saw yesterday. OMG that would be a great place to paint...
or play my guitar....





today will be a spring like day.......

showing property too.