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2015-02-06 23:58:39 (UTC)

Traffic right through hell today

I totally spaced out up the road and went the wrong way. But I
managed to take some back roads to get back on track. I rode
by the first place to find a yard crew pulling up old shrubs and
planting new ones. It looked good. I kind of wanted to kidnap
them or at least get a card. I would hire them in a minute.

Not so fun trying to locate the other house. With the map I
studied and the one I drew did not collate with one I had
drawn. I had been on Rogers Rd before. But never knew it
went through a subdivision. Whatever....I managed to find it
minutes before my buyer arrived. He was alone.

This first house was ole my lord...there was a sunroom with
double doors opened to the kitchen. It was as warm in
the sunroom as it was inside the house. It was beautiful.
All the ceilings were vaulted. All of them. The garage looked
like HGTV did it. It was awesome. But the bedrooms were a
little small for the price. He still liked it. What I
learned today is that a large backyard is not that important,
just so it is nicely landscaped and fenced in. This one
was small but set up perfectly. Another HGTV moment.

We rode back to the second house. The new landscaping looked
refreshing, but it was an older ranch. Original hardwood floors
through out. A extra room big enough to be a den or formal
dining. The backyard was unkept. That first backyard raised
our expectations of backyards. This one did not make it.

We planned on meeting again tomorrow. I rode off....into the
hwy 74 nightmare. It was unbelievable. That road is horrible.
My daughter and grandkids will all be driving there if not
already. My daughter drives a school bus in that mess. I was
not comfortable over there. Two much traffic. Two many big
trucks. Too many people in a damn hurry. And on top of that
I saw two people walking trying to cross that highway. Dangerous!

By the time I got to Dress Bard, I was a nervous wreck. I found
a couple things and used my five dollar cash coupons. I did not
try anything on. Just stupid shit. I did get a red and black
plaid flannel shirt. Looks warm.

Went to Wal Mart on my way home. Pushing the damn cart
through the stationary department I noticed that there was
a spool of thread wrapped around the wheels of my cart...I looked
behind me to see a strain of thread a couple aisles long.....
a woman beside me also pushing a cart pushed her cart over
the thread and it was tangled up in her wheels too. This
was fun. I had to get down on the floor and break the
threads off my wheels and then help her do the same.

We just did it and shook our heads. What can you say or do?

Rode by the bar....wishing like hell they were open. CLOSED
So, I picked up a six pack on my way home.....after being
detoured a whole damn block because a school bus had stalled
on hwy 27. You would have thought there was a situation
or something as many cops were directing traffic. I bet that
bus driver was embarrassed.

I came home, unloaded my crap. He had prepared tuna salad.
I put our things away, fixed a plate, changed clothes,
searched for property on my computer, watched my soaps...
which were all great today.

I am watching General Hospital now too. It is so exciting
all the time. I love it.

I have sent my emails....

and text to the folks that needed them today.....

and now....

I am done.

Until tomorrow.....