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2015-02-06 12:48:32 (UTC)

Friday the start of something

So, the boss was very disappointed at the reaction of the buyers
when they toured that house yesterday. We are both about the
determine that one of them does not really want to move here.
This was the perfect house for them and hearing them nit pick
every detail of it...was an eye opener. I think we will let them
go for now....and decide what their plans are. We are not running
a home touring for free business. Can not afford that.

But, I did hear back from my other buyer and have some appointments
set up today to show him. Probably going to show him three house
today and the last one is two doors down from my daughter.

Also, got a new call from someone who heard about our company and
they have a friend, already pre-qualified wanting to buy something
over toward the Concord Mills Mall area. I have already started
on that. Should hear more about this today.

I am slowing getting back up and off to work again. He told me
last night that the 1099 has been mailed. I have not got it. So,
I either threw it away thinking it was junk mail or lost it. He
may have to send another one. We shall see. But right now, I
want to stay focused on my buyers...and see if I can get some
more cash coming in.

He has said nothing recently about the remodel. I am almost
afraid to bring it up. He was happy to be back at work
and should be enjoying this short break before he returns,
but we need to start planning some things. Especially
the pool area.....I want my deck and pool back this summer.
I need it.

This is a very sad day for so many people. My heart has been
very heavy recently knowing that Michele's son Chad was expected
to pass on. He took that journey to the other side last
night. My heart can not even imagine the pain and sadness
being felt right now. I will be thinking of his sister, his
mom and extended family and friends. I pray that they can all
be strong during this goodbye process and the many wonderful
memories of him will remind them of that strength he processed.

Stay strong is time to let go.

It is time for you to take a deep breathe knowing that you
did the best job possible as his mom, his friend, care taker
and you protected him from so much during his
taught him to be that strong fearless young man he was...

we have all learned from this.

Thank you for sharing this story with us and thank
you for helping us be better people.....
not only did you keep him strong...but you have
taught all of us so many lessons about parenting..
letting go, planning, surviving, and caring...

I love you girl.