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2015-02-05 16:46:53 (UTC)

All dressed up but no where to go....

Still waiting for this day to pan out into whatever direction I
must go. Got up early again. I was able to watch another episode
Myrtle Manner. Got it set to record every time it comes on. It was
one that I had never seen. Enjoyed it. Thinking about taking a
ride to the beach and ride through that place. I bet they have a
guard gate. Plus it does not seem too close to the beach. Wish
I knew the address.

The boss is showing our PA couple that house today. We are excited
as we all think this is the one. But you never know. I may be
preparing a contract shortly.

The other guy has not called. I did not learn until this morning
that he had not even read the email I Sent him. I told the boss
I was waiting on the man to get back in touch. Not too concerned
about him until he gets that condo under contract and he is in
need to make that move. Until then he really won't be able to make
an offer. I think he is learning that the property that he
prefers does not stay on the market long. I had one of the five
I sent him earlier this week to be under contract today. So, that
list is shorter too. Doing that best I can.

I am ready to dry my hair and throw myself together regardless of
what happens with the boss. If I do not need to work on that,
then I will go to the store. I need to pick up a few things...
like ink for the other printer. I need to put ink in the new
printer. Now, I am not too sure why I got the new one. Seems
like the old one was messing up a lot, but when I brought the new
one home and hooked it up, the old started working fine. That is
just odd.

The first thing I am doing when I get more money to add to my
account is go buy a new mattress. I have to have a good
one. I may check with that man at Sears when I go back to
eye doctor. Those mattresses are right in front of his office.
If I can catch the mattresses on sale I might be able to get
what I want. If not, I need to do something.

Feeling blessed to finally be almost over this crap I have had.
I hate having to go out into the world today exposing myself
to all the germs. But I can not using that as an excuse or
I could become a recluse.

Looking forward to this weekend. Hoping to get out of here
for some girl time with my friends. It is supposed to be
very nice out.