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2015-02-04 13:26:09 (UTC)

Closer to normal....

With almost two days without medication, I am feeling closer
to normal. Not sore today from a night a coughing. Not hot
or sweaty with a temperature. Throat not sore. Sinus is clear.

Still feel a little bit wore out. So this extra day of rest
will help me prepare for the rest of this week.
Now...back to my list of things to do.

I plan on working on Tax deduction list today. This year, I plan
on making copies of everything that I am using. I have all receipts
for past years and all in folders. But if I were to get audited,
it would be scary if one thing was missing. I think from now on
I will make copies. Just to be on the safe side.

Brought up the subject of getting a new mattress this morning. The
look on his face was priceless. He seems to forget sometimes that
I have my own funds. He said something about how new it is. Well,
new or not, I need a new mattress. Maybe next time I will keep the
warranty handy. LOL

Not sure how that will work out, but on thing is for sure, I
am sick of not getting a good night sleep. I have been sleeping
but not well. I think it is time for that too change.

My heart is heavy right now as I pray for Chad and his wonderful
family in Michigan. I pray that they will all be strong during this
time. He has been an inspiration to many people. He has lived out
his life on his own terms. His mother is one of our most popular
posters here. Please keep her and his family in your thoughts
as they struggle with this very difficult time.

This morning, I have been watching all remaining episodes of
Moonshiners. I taped the finale last night. My friend up
towards the mountains has a bf who knows Josh well. Good
friends, although Josh owes him money. I think I believe
that part. Also got to watch Mrytle Manner this morning...
caught it on at 6 am. Set my DVR to tape the series so
I do not miss anymore of it. I love that show....

wish I could pack my car up and drive 3 hours to Mrytle Beach
and find that place just in case there is an opening. I could
live there till the remodeling is done. But Oak Island
and South Port is where I love to go. A much smaller less people
on the beach....and safer. Mrytle Beach is one of the most
dangerous places to live right now. Now sure if I would go
there to stay alone. Or ever. But having a camera crew
around might make it easier to bare.

Today I am going to try to get some things caught up around here...
do some book work, and plan out the next two days.

Hoping to have a signed OTP by the weekend.

IF so, I am buying a new mattress this weekend.