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2015-02-03 15:33:36 (UTC)

Monday Tuesday whatever...

Thank God I do not have to worry about showing property now until
Thursday. That guy will be here all week and wants to start then.
One more day to try to kick this crap outta my system. I hate feeling
like this. If it does not ease up, I will be forced to purchase
some adult diapers. This peeing in my pants is more than a little
bitty poise pad can handle. LOL I know you love hearing about this.
Must be a part of growing old. Just preparing you for it. You will
be here soon enough experiencing the same thing.

We are taking his truck to the shop. I have already showered, washed my hair and put on face miracle oils and potions. No makeup yet. But I got my contacts in. Dried my hair and used straight iron on it. I hate
it. This girl did not cut it like the I am always late girl did. She
was late and yes she did not even show up for our last appointment,
but she could cut my hair. I may have to forgive her. And maybe not
make my appointments so early in the day. I can go early afternoon.
Surely she would be there by then. Anyway I see a hot oil treatment in my future. MY hair is fried. I hate it.

Been watching so much TV lately I am beginning to feel like a
vegetable. Been drinking the nutri bullet drinks with fruit
and greens and juices and coconut water, but being sick at
the same time, I am not sure if it is helping, keeping me alive
or a waste of time. Hard to say. I enjoy them though.

It may be safe to say that I have been stoned most of the time
since I visited the mountains recently. Two weeks. I wish
there was a way to use this without the high part. It really
does help the pain and stiffness in my joints. If I could ever
get over this cold, maybe I could actually enjoy it.
I know people who just roll with it. I can not function in
my life stoned. I must be not stoned during most of it.
But this cold has kept me hostage to my room again. There for
a while, I was venturing out to other rooms and going for drives
in my car. Not for the past two weeks.....ok, last Wednesday
I showed that house. Not stoned that day. I know when to
use it and when not to use it. I would never have it in
my car or drive stoned. I am not that girl.

But I am doing the best I can at the moment. Just trying to
stay awake long enough to follow him to the garage and bring
him home. Then, there is supper. Maybe a pizza tonight?


GOtta prepare