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2015-02-01 23:57:38 (UTC)


One more month has gone by! January passed so fucking fast which is amazing. I can't wait until the end of this year. I dont know exactly why but I just can't.

Last week I attended all the theoric driving classes, I had to wake up at 6 am and attend the classes from 7:30 to 10:00 am, that was sooo boring. I almost fell asleep during most of the classes. This week, I'm gonna have to wake up at 6 am too but this time I won't need to stay in the classroom until 10 am, THANK GOD.

I'm tired! Last night I went to Rubens' house party and that was great. Im surprised by how close to me he lives, I had no idea he lived so close. it's like a 5 minute walk from my house to his. I got to the party at 8:30 pm and at first I was just hanging in the corner, alone, playing with my cellphone since I did not know like 90% of the people who were there but then, everybody drank some beer, vodka etc and so did I, needless to say I was able to socialize and talk to everyone. I really enjoyed the party. We went to the pool in the backyard at 1 am! That was probably one of the craziest things we did. We also chatted a lot and I actually can't even remember everything we did. We also talked in English for some time, I like it how most of them speak English, we usually speak english when we're drunk, i dont know, thats cool. We also smoke some cigarretes, I had never smoked so many cigarretes like last night!!!

I ended up spending the night at Rubens' house. Yvan, Rita and I slept in his bedroom! We woke up at like 1 pm, then Rubens' mother served us breakfast and after that I came home. I spent most of the day with a headache but it's ok.

I also went downtown with my step father, mother and sister, we had some ice cream!

You know, I like it how I seem to be making friends! Going out, drinking with friends, laughing, having these teenage adventures was something that I always wanted to have and I'm now finally having. Plus, all of them treated me really well, like we were friends since kindergarten.
My weekend was awesome!!!!!!!!!!

I'll write more soon.

Marlon, Somewhere joyful in Brazil.