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2015-02-01 21:46:17 (UTC)

The ties that bind.

I had a dream last night that I saw literally all the strings that keep me bound to places and to people.
The Loyalty that keeps me here where I am or the loyalty that could lead me somewhere else entirely.

I saw the things that tie me to EC
the things that Tie me to MSBC
The things that tie me to my Family and my Friends.
the strings that are broken and detached that look cut.

Then there were strings that are battered and worn but still intact...

It was such a weird thing to see...
to be able to look at a person and see what Ties you to them...and not only that but to see how strong the Tie is.

I think this dream was...real in the sense that it is how things really are in my heart and where my loyalty lies.
I think i'll try to draw it later it would look cool if I can do it the way it looked.
hmmm yeah.