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2015-02-01 10:34:00 (UTC)

Batman vapors....

Here I sit early this morning watching a movie I recorded last
night. I thought it was staged in Vegas. Not sure why, at no point
in the beginning did it imply this, somewhere along the beginning
scenes, I just assumed it was so. Last on, not until the man
character is killed in his hotel room in a huge fabulous high end...
hotel. I knew this story. I had heard about this story before..
on one of those crime channels. This was a movie about the Novach FLORIDA! Shit....I turned it off. I could care
less about the ending. Some people have way too much money to
actually have it. That guy drove a batman car and paid thousands
for old batman magazines. Surely he in real life looked nothing
like Rob Lowe. More so like a freak. Rich people with no sense.
Lets face it, you must have a lot of sense and cents to really be
rich or wealthy. You should living a blessed life doing good
and remembering morals and honor. Without good values, people
who live
a good life and happen to be wealthy make more of an impact on
society than idiots. Rich idiots obviously sometime get themselves
murdered. Not saying the guy ask for it. Just saying he was
an idiot. And his whore pole hugging wife was also an idiot.
She ask for it.

I started the coffee early this morning. He was in the den awake.
Said he was up too so I took him a cup of coffee. Later after I
learned that he does not have to work today, I asked him to go
to store later and pick me up some nose spray. For allergies.
Maybe having that now will help me get this crap over with. I
am sick of being sick. This crap is getting old.

I have been enjoying my Nutri bullet. Need fresh supplies.
The books I ordered had nothing really in them. So, I feel
like I was a bit ripped off. No recipes to help me at all.
So I am winging it. I do not feel well enough to worry with
too much effort right now. Maybe in the future.

I received the vapor pen and oil yesterday. From I can tell,
it works fine. But is it really helping? Not so far. But then
again, maybe trying it after I recover from this crap would be
a better time to judge.

Today is Super Bowl Sunday. Oh boy. My husband will be pulling
for the Patriots....for some racist reason.....the opposing team
must have a black quarterback. Or someone who is not as white
as his toothpaste......he is not a Patriots fan. He could at
least hate them because they ruined my football season...but
he is pulling for them instead. I was pulling for Green Bay.

A damn husband should at least pull for the team his wife
prefers in situations like this. I do not even think he
has a favorite team. He just pulls for teams for racist
reasons mostly. There I a word for him, but it is not inside
my head at the moment. SO, I will just let all of you say
that word out loud right now....or loud inside your head.

Felt good, didn't it?

Hell, I do not even remember who they are playing....just hope
it is not the COLTS. They beat the Broncos and I am still
pissed about it.....fuckers!

Not feeling it this year. Last year, I was sitting at the pub
watching the game with some friends from downtown....most of us
are just alike. Would rather be there than at home. The
place is usually packed. I have had some very enjoyable
times there. Sad, but true.

But today, this year....I am ok with watching it from home..
in my bed....alone...with no beer, no Doritos...just me.

I just feel like shit. Would not want to spread it around....

the only thing I want to spread around is good memories...
of me....hopefully someone will spark.

IT feels like I am my biggest fan sometimes....
maybe that is he key to life.

Being your biggest fan.

Believe in yourself....
trust in yourself....
have faith..hope in yourself...
be thankful....
be graceful....

now, if that Novach man would have lived his life with
these values, maybe he would have lived longer....
and had more shit....

who knows?