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2015-01-31 13:03:17 (UTC)

Early Buzz Kill

That title sounds like a Alternative Rock band name. Huh?

Well, not today guys. This is for real. Think about it. I get
up this morning feeling like shit again. Maybe I am experiencing
some withdrawals from that nose spray the doctor gave me a while back. On top of trying to let this cold or whatever it is too run its course.
I hate feeling like shit. Anyway...I got up early again. I am dosing off during anything I try to watch. I can check the DVR to see
all the times I hit record and fell asleep the night before. So,

this morning, I started the coffee, took some Alka-Seltzer cold plus.
Put away the cough medicine I took a tablespoon last night. After I
had taken it, I then after it was too late noticed the expiration
date, sometime in 2011. Holy shit. Not taken that again. But I
did sleep good last night. Just not long enough.

I did manage late yesterday to get into the console for our
company webpage. I now have a page to copy and paste from
so I can make sure every thing says what I want on whichever
page I put it. I struggled with that a couple hours. Time
not wasted after I realized I am now getting more comfortable
with this process. I can do this.

Still after waking up, I decided to partake in some cannabis.
Had to go pee too. So, I took this opportunity to put one of
those poise pads in my underwear to help out with the pee that
had been happening when I cough. It happens. So, I did that...
and walked into the kitchen to check on coffee. I noticed
that pad felt like it was sticking to my body instead of my
panties. Surely to God I did not put them on backwards with
the adhesive touching my body? Unfortunately after a trip to
bathroom to check this out...and takig the damn thing off
and sticking it back onto my panties....what a damn buzz
kill. Good for me, I can fix that too before leaving bathroom.

I am now coughing again, but no pee is getting me wet. I can
seriously conduct a quality control check on this skinny ass
poise pads. Time shall tell about that. Results later...

it may be time for a ice cold smoothie. Can not believe I
have not even added alcohol to them especially while being sick.
But I have not. Guess that proves I am not that bad ole
poor little thing bless my damn heart alcoholic that some
people might believe.

And as far as the other.....please do not judge. I hate
I have to smoke it. Wish I could just use it in different
capacities. The oil or however it is taken. My research says
that when you do take it for pain, they take out the part
that gets you high and makes you hungry.

The thing is, when you do smoke it in its natural existence, you do
not necessarily get a buzz. One thing is for sure, I am not
in pain all over my body. This fibromalgia has flared up again
and I feel like I been hit by a large dump truck. This is
the only way I can deal with it.

I refuse to take pills. This works better. And in oil
form. it could cure it. Now, that would not be a buzz kill
at all. That would be a miracle. is now time to get back up....and start this
day. Trying to stay high and dry. LOL

Think about it.